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“I would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your support and wonderful testimonials.”
– Arash Sarabi, D.C.


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“I have been Dr Sarabi’s patient off and on for 3 years and I always leave feeling wonderful. My condition is chronic but seeing him does lessen the pain for a while. He’s better thank any other chiro I’ve been to over the last 40 odd years.”

– Patti Y. | Gaithersburg, MD

“I love Dr. Sarabi! He’s very bubbly, upbeat and knowledgeable. He fixed my back problems after I was in pain for months.”

– Maryam R. | Reston, VA 

“I was experiencing significant back pain when I contacted the clinic. Dr Sarabi got in touch with me quickly and I was able to get scheduled for a visit. He helped to ease the immediate discomfort right away and by the time I left his office, I had a dramatic improvement. I was able to stand straight, walk with way less discomfort and get a good nights sleep. 24 hours later I am still feeling better – hopefully I’ll be back to 100% soon.”

– T.S. | Rockville, MD | 5-Star Review

“My mom and I have been seeing Dr. Sarabi for years now. He is truly amazing and incredibly attentive to the needs of the patient. What’s even greater about Dr. Sarabi is his knowledge of everything, it’s nice to carry a conversation with him. He truly makes the entire experience great. Thank you for all that you do! You are so appreciated!”

– Zen G. | Reston, VA 

“I am in shock and awe about how great of an experience I had here. Just today too. I didn’t have to think to much about this one. I am definitely coming back to follow up sessions and additional chiropractic adjustments… Not only that, Dr. Sarabi was nice, humble, soft-spoken, and really delicate as to make sure you know each and every step as he progresses to the adjustment. He was definitely client-oriented and made sure we were comfortable from the moment we entered the office to the moment we left. I loved the examination where it was truly un-invasive. He explained why I was feeling the pain I was feeling and how to correct it… What I did not imagine was the feeling we both had when we walked outside. It felt like the world’s weight was lifted from our shoulders. We felt lighter and more clear headed. I felt like I just gained 50% more lung space to breathe. It was truly worth the money to go in for a chiropractic adjustment and I am glad that I had Dr. Sarabi to work with… I definitely recommend a try here if you were ever thinking of going to a chiropractor.”

– Philip L. | Washington, DC

“I made the brilliant decision to lift something heavy with my back and not my legs. Ouch… came in to see the doc and I will tell you now, this was the most pleasant health care visit I’ve ever experienced in my 23 years of living. Everyone I spoke to was super sweet and helpful!  Moments after greeting the chiropractor and receiving treatment, he reassured me that there would be no scary, intense popcorn noises happening with my back like the YouTube videos I had watched prior to the visit (who else does this? Tell me I’m not the only one). The chiropractor told me there are like 11 chiropractic techniques and he would be using a mild form on my back because it will provide relief without risking the chance of any returning pain. My one session (lasted around 20-30 mins) left me feeling better and more knowledgeable about insurance & bone health. Would highly recommend to anyone!”

– Lynda N. | Silver Spring, MD

“Dr. Sarabi is a kind and gentle miracle worker! I had six visits with him and I must say I have so much relief from my back pain. My first visit with him I was in so much pain. I had pain shooting up and down my left leg and pressure in the middle of my lower back. I was so scared that my back was completely damaged that surgery was the only option. He explained to me that surgery did not have to be the only option. Dr. Sarabi started treatment for my situation right away, bulging disc. After the 3rd session I felt so much better. The pain completely stopped shooting up and down my left leg. I still have to pressure in my lower back but no pain pills needed. Thank God! I feel like I am on the road to recovery. Sally the beautiful receptionist is wonderful too! So warm and welcoming. I so far love my experience with this practice!”

– Monina W. | Rockville, MD

“Dr. Sarabi is very professional and knowledgeable in his expertise. I was dealing with my knee problem for two years, going to different physical therapists for a cure however no one could help me with the pain. As I got treatment with Dr Sarabi now I’m able to be very active and doing sports with no problem. Dr Sarabi is not only very knowledgeble, his kind personality and caring attitude is what makes him exceptional. Thank you Dr Sarabi and staff members for providing such a wonderful service.”

– Nina T.

“I am thrilled to acknowledge my experience in receiving treatment for my back from Dr. Arash Sarabi who is doing a miracle to free me from a pain which has caused me to stop enjoying my walk for a few years. I am so please to find Dr. Sarabi after all this time. I thank him for his knowledge, experience, and his pleasant characters and hope that people who has suffered of any joint problems like me find this young professional as an expert to heal them.”

– Mansur T.

“I was suffering severe pain on my neck, shoulder and head to a point that I was not able to sleep at nights. I have gone to different sources for help but got no results at all. I was introduced to Dr Sarabi and since I have been getting treatments now I am able to sleep at night and do my regular daily functions. I can say I am relieved from 95% of the intolerable pains that I have been suffering for many years. I highly recommend Dr. Sarabi, his kind and professionalism and knowledge is highly rated. Dr. Sarabi has a unique personality, he is always smiling and welcoming the concerns that I have during the sessions and patiently listens to my questions. I deeply appreciate all that you have done for me. I need to add that I have referred Dr Sarabi to my daughter, she is getting the great treatments and going through the wonderful experience as my experience. Thank you Dr Sarabi for all that you have done for me. God Bless.”

– Papar R.

“The experience with Dr. Sarabi was excellent. Right from the first visit he connected as a human being and not like a number like the majority of doctors do nowadays with their patients. Over the course of 5 appointments he was able to alleviate my plantar fasciitis pain and helped me understand the source of the problem as opposed to simply recommend medicine for the symptoms. I highly recommend his chiropractic services to anyone.”

– Robert D.

“Personalized medicine, great care, and great results. I highly recommend Dr. Sarabi.  Visited him on several occasions with back and leg pain. He is knowledgeable and patient.”

– Radu B.

“Dr. Sarabi is a gift from God! He’s super flexible and was one of the first people I went to see regarding my back issues that actually took time to listen and ask questions. Not only does he provide excellent chiropractic and therapy services but he’s gone above and beyond and providing me with referrals and even helped me with my DMV paperwork. I highly recommend him.”

– Aaron W.

“Dr. Sarabi saved me. I was in so much pain from Sciatic nerve pain. He has help so much that now I can sleep all night with out any pain. He knows he job well and he does it extremely well. My appointments are always on time. I look forward to my appointments. I Highly recommend if you need help with any pain that you may experience to and see Dr. Sarabi you will not regret it.”

– Yael W.

“Very competent and knowledgeable. I have a great deal of confidence in his clinical skills. Great bedside manner, rare not to see a patient leave his office not laughing or smiling. His treatment recommendations are reasonable and as long as I followed them, I can say I haven’t felt this great in years. Thanks doc!”

– Rehman M. | 5-Star Review

“Great customer service. The Dr is great at what he does.”

– Avinash R. | 5-Star Review

“Dr. Sarabi is very knowledgeable and informative on his chiropratic and physical therapy. I originally came in with an ankle injury from soccer and within a few visits found my ankle feeling stronger than before. I also had some shoulder pain from fitness and just after a couple adjustments the pain was gone. His advise helped tremendously with my recovery and I’ve stuck with him ever since. Thank you Dr!”

– Young-Do D.

“Doctor Sarabi was very helpful in addressing my acute back pain. I was also pregnant at the time and he made sure I was at ease by educating me thoroughly on what he was planning to do before he began. He is a clear communicator and very caring and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Sarabi to anyone looking for effective and reliable treatment.”

– Soraya A.

“I came here after a car accident and received treatment for approximately 2 months. Within a few weeks of treatment, I already felt a large improvement. Dr. Sarabi is very welcoming and professional and he provides a warm and relaxed environment. Scheduling appointments is also a breeze and Dr. Sarabi is very accommodating. I would definitely recommend this center.”

– Derrick K.

“Great patient care and customer service. I got an amazing service with genuine care from high caliber professionals. Dr. Sarabi worked around my busy schedule and patiently worked on my problem areas until everything was straight! I Will always be grateful for Dr. Sarabi and his assistant Lisbeth. I love how he explained what problems I had in a way that I could comprehend and suggested a solution without pushing me to go into a treatment session with them, I appreciate how he restored my physical health step by step. Also I would like to say thank you to his courteous assistant Lizbeth for her kind support throughout the process. I highly recommend this center for medical and leisure purpose visits.”

– Rekik B.

“My family physician referred me to Dr. Sarabi for my chronic lower back pain. The pain in my back is now completely gone…”

– Katherine C.

“I have been to physical therapy before for the same condition but they said I couldn’t get any better. After only a few weeks with Dr. Sarabi I am almost completely pain free.”

– Linda M. | 5-Star Review

“I was in an auto accident last month and after my 1st treatment I felt better. Dr. Sarabi is terrific and I recommend everyone. I am completely free of pain and thank him. He gets 5 stars from me!!!!!!!!!”

– Talisha H.

“Dr. Sarabi has studied and knows so well the human anatomy that he fixed my muscle issues when no one else could. He is truly a genius when it comes to understanding muscular and skeletal problems. I highly recommend him.”

– Robbie R.

“I am an HR professional and I spend a lot of time at a computer every day… I was having some numbness and pain in my arm, neck, and hand. I was so thankful to have Arash Sarabi as a chiropractor because not only did the therapy relieve my symptoms, but he also helped me identify causes and regular practices to prevent a recurrence! I highly recommend him, as he is kind and effective!“

– Carey W.

“My husband needed a chiropractor urgently for his sciatica. We checked around with our friends to see which practitioners were the best, and several people pointed us to Dr. Sarabi. Even with my husband’s challenging work schedule Dr. Sarabi made time to see him, and his treatment is going so well that he has returned to work and is pain free. My husband works with doctors everyday and knows a good one. He says Dr. Sarabi is a ‘doctor’s doctor’.”

– Willa G.

“I’ve been to several chiropractors in the DC area and Arash Sarabi at Metro is by far the best — he spends the most time with me and thinks holistically about how to improve my health. I would recommend him to ANYONE but especially to those who have never seen a chiropractor or those who were disappointed with their last chiropractor. He goes much farther than the extra mile and has clinic hours designed around his patients’ needs. I’ve been seeing him for more than seven years and I swear by him.”

– Alcora W.

“I’m a very active person. I love soccer and I always want to play soccer. One fine day I was on the soccer field and I did some kind of acrobat to control the soccer ball after that moment my back was started hurting so bad and I was not able move or walk. It was so painful and I was confused. I didn’t know what to do and where to go. I called Dr. Sarabi, explained my situation. I asked me visit and given me very simple and effective treatment around 7:30 PM and asked me to take rest. He told me ‘You will be alright by tomorrow. Go and take rest’. I didn’t believe it.  Guess what next day morning I got up late around 11 AM and I realized my back pain reduced significantly. I was able to walk and move without any major back pain.”

– Giri S.

“Dr. Sarabi is a meticulous practitioner who is very good at diagnosing and treating. He is a hands on person. so he can tell you what is going on and get good results. He did an excellent job diagnosing and treating my shoulder injury and I got speedy results.”

– Linda M.